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Ales' fallen mecha-empire
Ahhh, before i drew this starting 3 days ago, i haven't drawn with colored pencils in manyyy months! So yea, started this 3 days ago, and finished coloring it 2 days ago, and added final tweaks just a few minutes ago.

Anywho, the short & main story to this vista is that this takes place immediately after the ending of Rayman Origins, where after what seemed to be the now-gigantic Heart of the World, popped by Ales' s airship after a chase & mishap, his vast mecha empire in the sky explodes, and as Rayman, Globox, Grand Minimus & Goth Teensie were flying & falling through the sky, and landing safely back to the Snoring Tree's canopy shortly afterwards, the immediate wetherbouts of The Magician are unknown (though he does survive to live during Rayman Legends a hundred years later obviously) this pic explores this feigning moments of time!

So Ales somehow landed safely, though slightly burnt & battered, into the more lower, tropical highlands of 'Mystical Pique' where I guess minutes/few hours after the explosion he watches all the pieces fall into the jagged peaks & plateus near him & from a distance in the background, all sorts of platforms, gears, shattered glass, pipes, metal casings, steel supporters & tiny indistinguishable particles slowing raining down, sometimes vanishing in small embers mid-air. His famous hat & wig, which he removed in 'The Reveal' scene is now in a small jagged pillar in the distance, still safe and not damaged. Several of Ales' mecha denizens who lived/worked for him, just look awkwardly in the immediate sidelines, such as the robo fishes, those near invincible robot dudes, and the mecha flies. After a while, monsieur Mansay just softly caresses the debris of what once a promising future to the Glade of Dreams in his eyes, all ruined all due to the half witted mishaps of the Glades' slap-happy heros! Also, lol there is a gorgonopsid parachuting in the distance, apparently that therapsid dude lived in secret in the steampunk empire, as of yet encountering RayRay, GloGlo and the bignose fellas!


United States
Well, I had a previous deviant account named NeoNoumer581 but i guess I lost it forever because I lost the password to the e-mail, so that abandoned account is up for grabs I guess, lol. So this is my current account now.
Despite the many delays that seem like forever, I still have big plans for this account and junk!


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Hi!Cold Tard 
Thank you so much for the fav! :squee:
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Thanks for the fav!
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Thanks for adding my art to your favorites! It's always great to know that people like what I make!
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Conntrast Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015
What's behind your affinity with John Cena?  Also, I have a request, can you draw a cross between John Cena and this cell:…
ProcyonNoumer Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015
Eh, nothing really, it was just me being a silly wrestling fan when i was younger. Cool, that wierd archer dinoflagglle, but Cena no longer deserves such 'influence/crossover(?)', i bet other marvellous characters deserve it more!
WisdomSeeker5 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015
Did you get procyon from the novel Prodigy by Jan Clark?
ProcyonNoumer Featured By Owner May 3, 2015
No, what is that? And i got it from the raccoon family
WisdomSeeker5 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015
It's a sci-fi novel I am reading at the moment. The Procyons are the antagonists.
ProcyonNoumer Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015
Oh, kool.
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